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Why You Should Get Regular Oil Changes

Why You Should Get Regular Oil Changes | Toronto, ON

When you’re a car owner, you need to ensure your car is taken care of. That’s where getting your car’s oil changed comes in. Regular oil changes come with a range of benefits — you can look forward to better fuel economy, help your Lexus last longer, and improve your odds of catching small problems before they get worse.
Get Better Fuel Efficiency | Toronto, ON

Get Better Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices continue to rise — a good reason to aim for the best fuel efficiency possible. Regular oil changes can help you do just that.

  • Dirty oil uses more energy to get its work done, eating up more gasoline as you drive.

  • Clean oil provides the right lubricant needed to reduce engine friction.

  • Less friction means less gas use, helping you save at the gas pump.

Catch Little Problems Before It’s Too Late

When you bring your car in to Lexus Downtown for an oil change, our service department treats it as an opportunity to give your car a checkup.

  • A checkup during an oil change can help you or your mechanic notice small issues that you might not otherwise catch.

  • If you don’t catch these issues when they’re small, they can become big, likely expensive problems.

Keep Your Car Running Longer

Your car isn’t going to last forever, but you can definitely keep it running longer with proper care — including routine car maintenance.

  • Your car needs oil to keep it functioning properly.

  • Oil decreases over the course of time, increasing the heat that is created by friction in your oil.

  • An increase in heat can cause damage to your engine, reducing your car’s lifespan.

  • Dirty oil can also cause your car to work harder and wear down faster.

Keep Your Car Running Longer | Toronto, ON

Don’t delay — schedule your next oil change here at Lexus Downtown and keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

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