Lexus Maintenance Schedule in Toronto, ON

Our Lexus Academy certified service team wants to make sure your vehicle continues to operate in peak condition for years after you drive it off our lot for the first time. This means making sure it gets regular maintenance and service as a way of preventing issues, or finding them quickly so they don’t become critical. Read on with the Lexus Downtown service team.

How Often Should My Lexus Get Service?

The rule of thumb is that your vehicle should come in for regular service a minimum or every six months. This helps maintain your vehicle, keep the oil fresh, and get it prepared for either summer or winter driving. If you are a more frequent driver than the average, you should consider coming in more often; our certified Lexus service team can give you a recommendation on how soon, but every 8,000 km driven is a good benchmark.


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Lexus High Mileage Program

Our service department’s mission is to make sure your Lexus continues to operate at peak condition for years to come, even if it’s an older model. If your Lexus has passed the 120,000 km milestone or 4 years of ownership, it may qualify to join the exclusive Lexus High Mileage Program. You, and your older Lexus, will continue to get the same premium service you’ve come to expect from our dealership, with benefits we reserve for older vehicles which require additional care and attention.


High Mileage Loyalty Program

Get Your Certified Lexus Service at Lexus Downtown

Our service team has been specially trained at Lexus Academy to give your vehicle the best quality of service possible. Our state-of-the-art service centre is fully equipped to handle any Lexus vehicle, including hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs. When the time comes for your Lexus to be serviced, make Lexus Downtown in Toronto, ON, your first destination.