Summer Performance Tires in Toronto, ON

In Canada, everyone is relatively familiar with what winter tires can do for your vehicle, and why it’s important to invest in them. When the ice and snow go away, though, what kind of tires should you be equipping on your vehicle? All-season tires are pretty decent year-round, and offer excellent versatility, but a set of proper summer tires might give you a more dynamic drive for when it’s best to hit the roads. Read on to learn more about what summer tires can do for your vehicle with the tire specialists here at Lexus Downtown in Toronto, ON.

What Are Summer Tires?

Summer tires are, in some respects, the opposite of winter tires. They’re specially designed to maximize speed and handling on the road, when it isn’t covered in ice and snow, to allow for high-performance driving. They have a tread with less grooving, allowing more rubber to touch the pavement, and in warm weather the rubber offers better flexibility. This translates into better grip and traction, allowing for better cornering, stronger braking, and great efficiency.

What If It’s Wet Out?

Do summer tires still offer that excellent grip when it gets wet outside? As a matter of fact, they do. Summer tires are engineered to handle well in wet conditions as well. The grooving on the treads may be minimal, but they’re shaped to push water away from the tire to help with stability, and avoid hydroplaning.

What About When It Gets Cold?

There’s a reason these tires are called “summer” tires. Rubber firms up under 7-degrees Celsius, and without that flexibility they start to lose their grip on the road. Once the temperatures start dipping, that’ll be the time to swap back to your winter tires, as soon as possible.

Get Your Summer Tires at Lexus Downtown

We offer an assortment of tires for all your diving needs, along with our tire price match promise. Plus, when the time comes for you to switch out your tires for the season, we also offer tire storage at our secure, climate controlled facility. We pride ourselves on being your destination in Toronto, ON, for new tires for your Lexus.