Summer Tire Swap in Toronto, ON

In Canada, everyone is relatively familiar with what winter tires can do for your vehicle, and why it’s important to invest in them. When the ice and snow go away, though, what kind of tires should you be equipping on your vehicle? All-season tires are pretty decent year-round, and offer excellent versatility, but a set of proper summer tires might give you a more dynamic drive for when it’s best to hit the roads. Read on to learn more about what summer tires can do for your vehicle with the tire specialists here at Lexus Downtown in Toronto, ON.

Why Should I Switch My Winter Tires?

If you’ve got a nice pair of winter tires, you might be wondering why you can’t just leave those on year-round. The simple answer is: winter tires are designed for cold weather. The softer rubber on winter tires doesn’t react well to friction in hot conditions, and wears out up to 60 percent quicker when used out of their intended season. As such, using winter tires in the summer is not recommended.




When Should I Swap Out My Winter Tires?

Just as soon as the weather consistently rises above 7-degrees Celsius, you should consider booking for a tire swap. Not only will this preserve your winter tires for longer, ensuring they’re only seeing wear in the season they’re intended for, it’ll also generally improve the handling of your vehicle on spring and summer roads.




What Tires Are Best For Warm Weather?

All-season tires are pretty good for spring, summer or fall. They offer decent grip on the road and perform well under most conditions when the temperatures aren’t below freezing. They’re a little more expensive, but summer tires are also an option if you want high-level performance efficiency, handling and braking.




Swap Your Tires at Lexus Downtown

Don’t forget we also offer tire storage for those winter tires once they’ve been removed from your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to ask about reserving a spot for your off-season tires at our secure, climate controlled facility, today! We pride ourselves on being your Lexus tire destination in Toronto, ON.