Tire Storage Service in Toronto, ON

It’s important to change up your tires seasonally, both to get better traction on the winter roads, and to reduce wear on your all-season tires. However, that means you end up with a second set of tires just sitting around in the garage for six months of the year. Instead of having them take up space at home, you could take advantage of our secure, climate-controlled storage facility here at Lexus Downtown. Read on to learn more about what we offer, and how to reserve a spot for your tires, today.

Why Store Your Tires at Lexus Downtown?


Save Some Space

The fact is, space can be tight if you live in a townhouse or apartment, and you don’t need a set of tires using it up. Give yourself extra storage space by keeping your spare set of tires with us at Lexus Downtown.

Climate-Controlled Storage

One of the reasons it’s recommended you make use of winter tires is that cold temperatures can affect the rubber on your all-season tires. The most common places to store extra tires - the yard, garage or shed - leaves them exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. We mitigate that here at Lexus Downtown by storing your tires in a secure, climate-controlled environment.

Easy Tire Swapping

Storing your tires with us also makes it especially easy for us to swap them for you. When you book a tire swap appointment with our service department, we’ll have your tires conveniently ready and waiting when you arrive. No need to transport them, and no extra waiting.

Seasonal Tire Storage at Lexus Downtown

The fact is, it’s convenient, safe, and better for the health of your tires if you store them at Lexus Downtown in Toronto, ON. Don’t hesitate to contact our service department, today, to see about reserving a spot in our storage facility.